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Paycheck Protection Program (PPP Loan)

Asset Enhancement Solutions' team of seasoned Finance, Lending and Banking experts are available for all businesses facing challenges during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We are sharing our knowledge and expertise with businesses that need access to funding and support today.

Working with businesses to successfully make it through crisis events and implement turnaround strategies is where we excel. We never shy away from difficult challenges. We embrace them, because we know that we will find options and creative financial solutions for any size business.

Right now, our team is working with businesses that need immediate assistance securing critical loans and financing. Asset Enhancement Solutions' experts are also walking business owners through the SBA's Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan application process.

  • Know what information is needed for all SBA and other types of financing
  • Have the answers you need to eliminate confusion
  • Have relationships with multiple bank and non-bank lenders that will move applications through the process rapidly.


Complimentary VIP Treatment
for those Struggling to Secure a PPP loan

We are providing Complimentary VIP/Personal Service to applicants who process their application for the PPP loan though us. There is no cost to the applicant for this service. While others are just accepting and processing applications, we are trouble-shooting every phase of the PPP loan process, from determining applicant eligibility to helping the applicant through the details and complexities of the application via the online platforms that the lenders we teamed up with are using. We have a strong team of ten experienced professionals who are providing incredible White Glove service to our clients.

To learn more about this VIP Treatment, click here.

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How has Congress' new legislation (early June 2020) affected the PPP Loan program?

Click Here to Learn how Certain Businesses & Non-Profits with over 500 Employees and Portfolio Companies of Private Equity Firms may be Eligible for PPP Loans

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We are here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time:

Phone: 516-767-0100
After Business Hours please leave a voice message and your message will be forwarded to us 24/7.


PPP Loans over $100,000 Support: 100KpluspppLoans@assetenhancement.com

General Inquiries: info@assetenhancement.com

To Contact Neil Seiden: neil.seiden@assetenhancement.com

PPP Loan Support: PPPsupportstaff@assetenhancement.com

Complex PPP Loan Support: ComplexPPP@assetenhancement.com


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